Electrolytic Capacitor

Electrolytic capacitors are also known as electrolytic capacitor, aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are made by inserting a bent aluminum strip as the positive electrode into an aluminum cylinder with a liquid electrolyte as the negative electrode.

Types of Electrolytic Capacitor

Electrolytic capacitors according to the amount of liquid they contain inside:

First, liquid aluminum electrolytic capacitors; this one is the most common, especially leaded electrolytic capacitors, which are generally used in circuit boards and have two CP leads of different lengths for positive and negative poles respectively.

Second, solid state aluminum electrolytic capacitors; commonly used in computer motherboards, also known as solid state capacitors.

Liquid aluminum electrolytic capacitors can also be classified according to appearance.

First, liquid lead type aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

Second, liquid bull-horn type electrolytic capacitors, also known as liquid substrate self-supporting electrolytic capacitors.

Third, bolt type electrolytic capacitors, also known as large volume electrolytic capacitors.

Fourth, surface mount aluminum electrolytic capacitors, also known as surface mount electrolytic capacitors, are commonly used in small volume consumer electronics.

Electrolytic capacitors by application are:

1. High frequency bypass, high frequency and low impedance electrolytic capacitors, specifically for high frequency circuits, such as LED driver power supply

2. Low frequency bypass, ultra-low impedance and high ripple current resistance, which is the most demanding and belongs to the higher level of electrolytic capacitors.

3. Filtering

4. Tuning

5. High frequency coupling

6. Low frequency coupling

7. Small Capacitors

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