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Custom Capacitor

    What are capacitors? Two conductors close to each other, sandwiched between a layer of non-conductive insulating medium, which constitutes a capacitor.

    A capacitor is an electronic component that stores electric charge. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are capacitors made of absorbent paper dipped in paste electrolyte and wound between two aluminum foils with a thin oxide film as the dielectric. Because the oxide film has a unidirectional conductive property, electrolytic capacitors have polarity.

    As a kind of capacitor, electrolytic capacitors use metal foil as the anode, and the oxide film close to the anode as the electrolyte as the dielectric, and the cathode is composed of conductive materials, electrolytes and other materials. Electrolytic capacitors are mostly polarized, and if the metal on the cathode side also has an oxide film, it is a non-polar electrolytic capacitor.

    For example, our SHDR aluminum electrolytic capacitor products can be divided into four categories: radial leaded aluminum electrolytic capacitors, snap in aluminum electrolytic capacitors, bolted aluminum electrolytic capacitors and solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors, which are widely used in household appliances, audio amplifier, power adapters, lighting equipment and auto industry and other fields.

Characteristics of custom capacitor

1. Large capacity, can withstand large pulsating current.

2. Large capacity error, high leakage current; common ones are not suitable for application in high frequency and low temperature, and should not be used in frequency above 25kHz.

3. low frequency bypass, signal coupling, power supply filtering.

Custom capacitors Available

1. Capacitance range 0.0001 µf to 4700µf

2. Unique sizes, configurations and terminations

3. Custom design services, total engineering support/manufacturing capabilities

4. Precision design

5. Low ESL/ESR

6. High current/voltage/pulse/frequency applications

Capacitors applications

    Capacitors play an important role in tuning, bypassing, coupling, filtering and other circuits. It is used in the tuning circuit of transistor radio, and it is also used in the coupling circuit and bypass circuit of color TV.

    Guangzhou Shenghe Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional distributor in China, specializing in various electrolytic capacitors with high quality and reasonable price which are directly supplied by many source factories in China. Focusing on electronic components for more than 20 years,we wholeheartedly offer professional service for you. Welcome to contact us for a custom designed solution.

Radial Leaded Capacitor


    High capacitance

    Low ESR

    Excellent frequency characteristics


    Used in consumer electronics and lighting products.

Surface Mount Polymer


    High capacitance

    Low ESR

    Excellent frequency characteristics


    Used in consumer electronics and lighting products

Snap In Capacitor


    Large size

    High capacitance

    High voltage


    Mainly used in energy and power system products

Non-polar Electrolytic Capacitor


    High capacitance

    Impact resistant

    Low temperature rise

    Low inductance


    Mainly used in audio amplifier and household appliances.

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