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With a large amount of inventory, and a number of domestic and foreign enterprises to reach a long-term cooperative relationship!

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Company Introduction

Guangzhou Shenghe Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional distributor in China,specializing in various electrolytic capacitors with high quality and reasonable price.We have extensive cooperation with many well-known production companies in China,thus supplying reliable products which are supplied directly by manufacturers and with stable and guaranteed production capacity.Products are supplied throughout the country, as well as the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the Occident and other countries and regions, enjoying a high reputation.


Focusing on electronic components for more than 20 years,we wholeheartedly offer professional service for you.Welcome to contact us for a custom designed solution .

Scope of business: wholesale of electronic components 、configuration of electronic components 、wholesale of Electronics 、Manufacture of electronic components、Design services for electronic components、Consulting services for electronic components、Testing of electronic products、Wholesale of Internet commodities (except for licensed products)、Import and export of goods (except for franchised and controlled goods)

We focus on aluminum electrolytic capacitors , including snap in capacitor、radial leaded capacitor、surface mount capacitor、radial polymer capacitor、surface mount polymer

Guangzhou Shenghe Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Shenghe Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.


Consumer Electronics(smart-phone,smart home appliances);Computer;Industrial Power Supply and Lighting;Automotive Electronics(infotainment,on-board charger,charging station);Renewable Energy(solar power,wind power,electric vehicle);Healthcare/Medical Equipment


Excellent sales team+Efficient production team. Meet the specific needs of customers.By collecting material data in a timely manner and grasping the current development status and development trend of the industry, we conduct basic analysis and research on the materials used in the products, selection of new materials, and confirmation of samples to ensure stable product quality and stable supply of production capacity.

Guangzhou Shenghe Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.


Not only are our products in a full range, but also very cost-effective.

We are good at custom designed solutions and we supply very high-quality products at competitive prices.

Mutual benefit, mutual trust.Aim at the win-win cooperation of quality, efficiency, service and interests.

Corporate Vision

Open, innovative and cooperative.Create core technology for global users.

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  • keven@shdrcap.com
  • No. 232, West Huifu road, Yuexiu district, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China

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